Create Your Own Knife in a Unique Way

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Unlike forging, which uses heat to reshape the structure of steel, stock removal ou will cut and grind your blade from flat stock steel from your custom piece. 51 Bravo Custom Knives proudly offers stock removal classes in Wayland, MI to anyone who wants to master this craft. Whether you're looking for a fun date idea or you just want to learn something new, I will be glad to show you the ropes of stock removal knife making.

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Everything you need to know about my classes

Do you want to join our stock removal class in Wayland, MI? To make the most of your visit, please know that:

  • I can cover everything in one day
  • I can accommodate people of all skill levels
  • You can choose any model of handle that you'd like
  • You can bring outside safety gear or use what's provided

For any additional information about my stock removal knife making classes, be sure to reach out today.